We are much more than just a restaurant. We specialize in Lebanese & Persian Kabobs & Mezza. Our unique taste is what sets us apart from anything you’ve tried before. Our experience dates back to —–, to the moment when we decided to share our tradition, all the plates that we have loved and all the techniques that we have acquired over the years to give people the most high-quality food. We are committed, our main goal is to give our customers the best experience, that’s why it is a pleasure for our team to offer you a cordial and kind service. Here at Village Grill we promise you an experience that you will never forget.


Our purpose:

To serve food that loves you back

Our food:

Honest to goodness

The Mediterranean diet has sustained people for centuries. Rich in vegetables, olive oil, wholesome grains, and lean protein, this is a delicious and healthful way to eat. At Village Grill, we source only the finest ingredients, prepare them simply and with pride, then serve them exactly how you want them.

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